Ms. Neal

S- Goal: To define an outstanding teacher and recognize her for the amazing job she does.

M – How can this be measured? In the fantastic atmosphere created by a bright smile and positive attitude when it comes to teaching and learning. In the friendly greeting of, “How are you today?” to every student who walks in the door. In the careful integration of technology and media into the classroom in order to make learning as fun and effective as possible. In the meticulous, step-by-step teaching of real-life skills that will be applicable to any and every student that passes through the doors of Francis Howell Central.

A,R – This goal is attainable and realistic because Ms. Kay Neal is an absolutely wonderful educator who strives daily to make her classroom a place in which students want to return and learn every day. She never ceases to have an infectious positive attitude which influences her students to try their hardest and do their best. Although she may teach a subject that is necessary to graduate, she still makes this subject as interesting and thought provoking as possible. Her friendly smile, seen both in passing in the hall and when walking into her classroom, is genuine and makes students feel welcome and appreciated.

T- This goal has already been easily achieved due to the fact that Ms. Neal is such an incredible teacher and person.

Thank you, Ms. Neal, for being such a positive character in the classroom setting. You made a class I was definitely not looking forward to much more enjoyable than I would have thought. If you didn’t notice, I used a SMART Goal, which I only know because of you. Thanks again for being such a fantastic teacher.