Mrs. Breite

Within the doors of FHC, down the right-sided hallways, up one flight of stairs, and around the corner, lies the room of one of the most enthusiastic and energetic teachers I have ever met. She is hardworking and dedicated to each and every one of her students, and makes sure she is available to help them in any way possible; I think she understands that each students learns differently.

We are auditory learners, visual learners, and kinesthetic learners; and in her class, material is taught in all three ways. I am currently not a student of hers, but I was last year.

It was my first year of high school, my first year of multiple sports and injuries, my first year of taking her course. Everything was completely new, and that can be scary, but in the first hour of everyday this teacher has always been there for me. When I was not doing very well in her class, her response was ‘What can I do?’

She does not ever expect to be recognized for this because she is humble. She is also the leader of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and dedicates the time to set up meetings for the club and be its sponsor. This teacher has also helped out with track, cross country, and even Youth in Government. She is very active in the school’s extracurricular activities.

Maybe this is why teachers and students alike enjoy her company. She is involved, and because of this she is relatable. I look up to her; as a runner, as a teacher, and as a leader. Because she came from the very halls we walk through everyday. This teacher is good at what she does and enjoys doing it. Thank you, Mrs. Breite.