Mrs. Palmer

This teacher has spent this year using multiple different styles of teaching in her classroom. She helps students learn their math skills not only by offering help in class with problems but also by coming in before school and after school to make sure her students understand what they are being taught. These extra tutoring sessions can be very useful in helping her students both learn the material and also have the best grades possible.

If you need help, this teacher is the one to ask. She’ll help you with your work and actually help you understand what you are doing, as well as maintaining a positive attitude the whole time her students are in the classroom.

The homework sheets that she gives out and the self-help quizzes have you prepared for the chapter tests and finals. Her note sheets are useful in having good examples on how to do your problems and equations.

She has the tests graded quickly, which helps her students find out what they need to spend more time on figuring out before the next chapter has begun. She writes down how to do the problems correctly on the test, so you can compare answers and figure out what you did wrong on the problems.

This teacher, who not only taught her students math but was also a fantastic example at how to be supportive and truly there for her students, is Mrs. Palmer.