Mr. Hornbuckle

There are numerous teachers who have had a major impact on me during my time here at FHC. Looking back through these three years, however, there is one very distinct and special teacher who stands out from the already incredible mix.

This teacher challenged me to look deeper into myself and start to see myself clearer. I remember the day that he made a comment to me about being somewhat cocky. Despite his caring tone, it hit me like a bullet. I needed to hear it in order to recognize the way others used to see me. I am more than thankful for him challenging me in that way, and will always work my hardest to make that statement false.

This teacher created a classroom environment that I actually looked forward to going to every single day. This teacher taught me to always try and make my writing better, and that a writer’s job is never done. In fact, this teacher inspired me to start writing poetry again. Something I had always done but stopped doing for about a year or so because I felt like I had nothing important to say. This teacher made me, and every other student in that class, feel as though we all had something worth sharing with the world.

In addition to that, this teacher was always patient with his students — which is probably pretty difficult when dealing with high-school students everyday. He always walked into the class with a smile on his face and warmth in his voice. Even when I see him in the halls now, a year after having him as a teacher, he still greets me in the same way.

It’s probably pretty obvious by now whom I am referring to. So, with that, I’d like to say– thank you so much for everything Mr. Robert Hornbuckle. You’ve greatly influenced myself and many others throughout your long teaching career and I am so glad to have known you.