Mrs. Syron

It is rare when a teacher is able to cater to a variety of personalities and needs within the classroom. It has taken me four years to find someone who does it and does it successfully.

Every student enrolled in this teacher’s class has connected on a personal level, making the classroom environment a stress free workplace for her students. She is not the kind of teacher that will mindlessly pound curriculum into unwilling learning bodies. She gives the leeway a student hopes every teacher will in their senior year, as stress reaches a maximum.

She knows the student’s situations. Some work 40 hours, some making tough college decisions, others dealing with the end of a magical four year run in sports. She expects the same from every student; success, but understands each student has their own way of achieving it. It becomes less of a classroom, and more of gathering of seniors in their final stretch, striving for the end.

She manages to do this in a way that still engaging with the subject. The balance between curriculum and understanding has this class miles ahead of any other.

I don’t know how I would have survived senior year without taking a part in this class. This teacher used her class as a catalyst for students to finish with success, and that deserves appreciation. Mrs. Angela Syron did a damn good job on her ride out with us seniors, and just like all of those who sat in that third hour marketing class, success is inevitable in the future.