The Unexpected

It was about seven when I got the call.

I answered to hysterical cries,

Couldn’t hear anything at all.

It was my sister, saying “it was positive”


She was so upset, not knowing what to do.


Were my instructions to do.

She disagreed, said “I’ll call you back”

She was going to tell my mom, and that was a fact.


My mom wasn’t even mad.

Mostly excited, but kind of sad.

It didn’t feel real, “I can’t be an aunt!”

It was, though, her stomach grew and so did her pants.


Monday comes, first doctors’ visit.

My sister’s nervous, but who isn’t?

The doctor calls us back…

“Are you ready Miss Rose?”

We all couldn’t wait to see little fingers and toes.


But soon, smiles turned to frowns,

and my sister lost her glow.

There was no heartbeat.

Why? Nobody knows.