Life lessons

The questions everyone has about adulting


Josie Prince

Auto repair showing students how to change a tire and other things involving car repairs. Students were very interested and payed very close attention.

The Learning Commons hosted its second Real World Wednesday during seminar, dedicating 50 minutes to the basics of your car: how to change the oil, how to change a flat tire, and how to jump your car as well. Librarians Ms. Andrea Head and Mrs. Tonishia LaMartina started this whole thing and they feel like this will benefit students and their knowledge of the real world.

“This will get students to be involved and engaged, some students feel like they are not good at something but with this they can learn,” Mrs Lamartina said, “These are skills you need in life and you need to know these in case you somehow get into these situations.”

Auto repair shop workers demonstrated to approximately 20 kids how to fix their car, and provide tips as well. Dr Sonny Arnel expresses his love for this program, he is proud of our librarians accomplishment with this project and feel that this will do wonders for our students.

“Both are really awesome and are always looking for new ways to make the library a better place for students and even staff to learn and find new ways for kids to learn during seminar time,” Dr. Arnel said.

This is very beneficial, according to Dr. Arnel, because once graduated from high school, students have to do more things on their own and some don’t know how to do that. This is a way to learn for when students are adults.

“Like in the real world, you can’t always call your parents and so we want to find new ways to help kids and to prepare them and know how to handle. Also not to make school just about academics and activities outside of school,” Dr. Arnel said.

Freshman Olivia Nichols has found this opportunity to be very cool and helpful. She has been to the first real world Wednesday when they taught students how to prepare for interviews and found it very helpful so now she will be going to every single one every month.

“I feel like this program is really gonna help. The interviews one helped me and my friends and this one is definitely gonna help because everyone should know these things,” Nichols said.