Trust Issues

Trust takes time; someone has to show you honesty,

Before you can have trust in that person.

A friendship becomes a relationship,

And a relationship comes from trust and loyalty.

He went away on a big bus, driving through the city.

Before he stumbled to his gate, he said, “I love you.”

I felt a tingle as he said this, he was comfortable.

Comfortable with leaving me, he had a wide range,

A wide range of trust for me.

Why? Because he had my comfort, my support, my loyalty, most

importantly my trust.

I love him as well, I respect his decisions and I trust him to go away for a


We have laughter and memories to look back on,

And good things to remember and think about.

He has my full support; I want him to feel comfortable in a place like where

he is going,

Him and I have built a strong and tall friendship, and a loving and equal


All of which, no time, no one and no distant,

Can separate or tear apart.

We’ve both taken our fair share of time,

To earn each other’s trust.

That’s a true friendship, that’s a real relationship.