‘A creative force’

NAHS offers artists a place to express their creativity

Ruth Doll
In Ms. Judy Switzer’s room during NAHS, Dylan Hotchkiss, Junior, focuses intently on his drawing of vibrant flowers. He quietly looked at bright colored floral arrangements on his phone as he sketched out his design in his sketchbook.

This year’s group of NAHS kids may be small, but they are still quite a creative force to be reckoned with. There are more than 100 students in the afterschool club, not including the supervisor, Ms. Elizabeth Allen.

NAHS encourage kids to join so they can enjoy doing their own creative projects as well as learning skills of the trade and teaching others what they have learned. Open Art studio occurs every Tuesday and Thursday and it lasts from 2:20-4 p.m.; not only that but the club offers a plethora of other fun activities like participating in the homecoming parade and fun field trips.

Mrs. Allen, supervisor of the club, says, “We keep students involved in art outside of the classroom, so they are creating their own artwork, they’re developing their own ideas, and in Open Art Studio, they educate in the arts…They learn…how to teach lessons, how to help those students also develop their own ideas.”

In November, the club plans to go to the City Museum to view the myriad of art on display. In more recent events, the club is planning on walking in the Homecoming parade, and they are going to be holding their own posters made by the students of the club.