Fall Festival kicks off fall sports season

On Saturday, the first Fall Festival was held to celebrate the opening of the new turf and installment of the new scoreboards. It was a day filled with balloons, barbeque and birthday cake, as it also fell on Activities Director Mr. Scott Harris’ birthday.

“We wanted to celebrate the fall sports and clubs,” Mr. Harris said “And we had added incentive to do it with the facility upgrades.”

Students’ and parents’ reactions to the event were very positive, according to Mr. Harris. The students were able to perform in front of their friends and family.

With over 2000 students and parents in the stands, the celebration began as each fall sports team paraded onto the turf while the Spartan Regiment led them.

The Board of Education was honored and some of the students were chosen to participate in the ribbon cutting. With anticipation looming in the air, the countdown to cut the ribbon began. Excitement filled the stadium as the ribbon pieces fell to the ground.

“It was a cool experience and cool to be a part of something that I will remember from my time at FHC, ”said junior Ryan Hutson, the varsity soccer captain.

The teams then went to their respective fields and scrimmaged against each other while the marching band played the first three movements of this year’s show, “Back to Square One.”

“It was great practice, and I felt that it helped prepare us for future competitions,” said senior Corey Sery, a member of the Spartan Regiment. “It was awesome to incorporate Mr. Harris’ birthday with the celebration, even though it was really hot outside.”

The Fall Festival showcased the talent of each team and helped show how each team will do in its upcoming season.