The new season begins

    Swim team starts practices for the new season

    With a new season starting off, the girls swim team is starting back up with practices to prepare for their first meet on December 5th. With new members joining and old members returning, the season begins again.

    Freshmen Rhyen Standridge has joined the swim team this year.

    “I’ve been swimming since I was six,” Standridge said, “I did neighborhood swim. I just want to get faster.”

    There are more newbies on the swim team than just freshmen this year, including senior Payton Frick who struck a deal with her best friend.

    “I want to be as good as I can be””

    — Payton Frick

    “Me and my best friend decided to do something different this year since it’s our senior year,” Frick said. “We wanted to do something different so I asked her to do tennis with me, and she said yeah, as long as you do swim with me.”

    Experience wasn’t going to stop Frick from joining the swim team and putting her best effort out for the team.

    “The only time I’ve ever done instructional swimming was when I was really little so I could learn how to swim,” Frick said. “Other than that I’ve never competitively swam or learned how to actually technically swim.”

    There are still an abundance of returning swimmers ready to help these new members with their new team or sport.

    “I’ve been swimming competitively for eleven years and on the high school team for three years,” said junior Corrina Trimble, “I want to teach the freshman the basics and watch them grow.”

    Practices have started for the swim team and the team has come together to help each other improve.

    “We had our first official day last Monday,” Trimble said. “Personally I have summer swim and tennis during the fall so I try to stay in shape.”

    Every swimmer has their own reasons for returning to swim, whether it’s the community or the sport itself, the swim team continues to practice everyday of the school week.
    “I’ve spent my entire life around swim and there was a large part of my life that I was just identified as the swimmer,” Trimble said, “I enjoy it, it’s like the love of my life.”