When life is hard enough

The number one problem in my life right now is a problem that I never expected to be a big deal: boys. There is so much drama associated with the idea of boyfriends nowadays. Just mentioning one of your friend’s crushes to them can start a nuclear war. I’m not sure how I got caught up in the never-ending wormhole of liking a boy, but there is a major war raging on. I really think that life would be so much easier without all the drama of having boys to worry about.

For example, I was in my weekly Bible study group last Tuesday, and after the discussion was over, the group and I got to talk about the highs and lows of our week. Every girl, one by one, listed their highs, and then they listed their lows. Their highs were varied; some said they accomplished something that was really hard for them, others said that they made a change in their lives that made their lives easier. Their lows, on the other hand, were all centered around their boy troubles. One girl said that her and her boyfriend were having a hard time communicating with each other, and their relationship was crumbling. Another said that the boy she’s been crushing on has been dating another girl, which made her very jealous. Every girl had some kind of comment about how boys make life so complicated, even me.

I have been asking myself lately, “Why are boys such a big deal in the first place? Is it because most girls want to be noticed? Is it because most girls feel like they need someone to love?” I don’t think anyone will ever know, but what I do know, is that boys are definitely affecting my life.

Not all of my experience with boys in the past couple years has been bad, though. I learned many lessons from my past relationship, including to not rush someone and to not push someone too far. I also gained my best friend back after two years of him giving me the silent treatment, which means a lot to me considering I hurt him in the worst of ways and I feel like I don’t deserve it. Boys can be more trouble than they’re worth; unless you find the right one, then they’re a blessing. If you can take anything away from this blog, remember to not let boys consume your life; everything will be much easier if you don’t.

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