Waking Up

As everyone starts to settle in for the new school year, I find myself settling into a blue chair of a desk in my AP Language and Composition class, ready to take on whatever an AP class dishes out. One of the first things we did was read an excerpt from Henry David Thoreau’s ‘Walden’. Having never read the piece, which emphasizes the point that all great things transpire in the morning involving only those that are truly awake, I was suddenly immersed.

I am a frequent poetry reader (and sometimes writer) so the vague ideas suggested to me were not foreign, yet one really struck me. It was the idea of being completely awake, figuratively speaking anyways. Now, maybe its because I am really not a morning person, no matter how much I like to think otherwise, or maybe it was simply unique in the way he phrased it. Either way, being truly awake, for Thoreau, seemed to simplify things.

Personally, I think becoming more aware can lead to better focus. Reducing the distractions in our lives is probably going to take some practice, but concentrating on what’s important right now, can help in the long run. Right now, for me, means learning how to have better balence. This year I am a junior and I realize I need to make the most out of my time. Because for someone who has a course list like mine, and being actively involved in school activities, of all people who should be looking to simplify things, I should be one of them; and the school year of 2013-2014 seems like a great place to start.