An ironic fascination

I’ll admit that I’m not one of those kids that like to watch sports. I actually think most sports are quite boring, with the exception of martial arts and fencing. I even roll my eyes sometimes at the sports fanatics that jump up and down yelling at their TV like it will magically make their team win, not to be mean or anything. I just don’t get why sports are that big of a deal.

I went to the FHC football game against Fort Zumwalt East, and I have to say that about 65 percent of the people weren’t even watching the game, they were just rolling in the dirt, acting like hooligans. I can’t say that I blame them; the games can be boring sometimes to me and to other people.

But for the last couple of meets, I have gone to the Rec-Plex to watch the FHC swim and dive team compete. I have to say, it caught my interest. The first meet I went to was against Fort Zumwalt East and it was a cool experience. I got to see my favorite elementary teacher, Robin Hussy, who also happens to be my favorite teacher of all time, for only the second time since fifth grade. That was a very pleasant surprise, and a much needed boost to my day.

The real reason I went, though, was to watch my friend, Zachary Harrellson, also known by his friends as “Harry” and “The Cowboy,” compete. He’s been on the FHC swim team since his freshman year and he’s, in my opinion, really good at swimming. The rest of the team is really good as well. I’m actually jealous that they can swim so well; I can dog paddle for hours on end, but to swim like the team does, I can’t even stay afloat.

The other thing that makes the swim meets so exciting is the amount of teamwork and respect the boys have towards each other. The team is always cheering for its teammates while they are competing, and when a swimmer messes up or doesn’t do a really good job, the team never makes fun of the swimmer, they say good job, cheer him up and move on to the next event.

Watching swimmers in the Olympics on TV isn’t really my cup of tea, but watching these boys swim, for some reason, is a sight to see. It’s also a cool thing to watch my friend do something he loves. It’s upsetting that they have only a few home meets; I would go to all the meets if there weren’t so many that were away. I even find myself, as ironic as it may seem, yelling at Zachary and the rest of the team to beat the other team.

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