Working for a good cause

Every third Saturday of the month at Calvary Church in St. Charles, a group of teenagers and a group leader go out and serve the community. About 10 to 12 people regularly show up, including me and my sister, Ashley Large.

For the last two ThirdServes, the group and I have been going to O.A.S.I.S. Food Pantry. We usually arrive at about 9:30 a.m. and work until about 12:30 p.m. A few kids start barbecuing hot dogs, as well as handing out chips and soda for the people who come to get food, while the rest of the kids gather food for the people and take it out to their cars.

The first time I went, it was intimidating, but at the same time, it was heartwarming to know that people are able to get food when they otherwise couldn’t afford it. It surprised me how many people actually showed up to get food. One person after another came and got food for their family. Most families only had one or two adults in them, but there was the occasional family that had six to seven members with four to five kids.

The amount of food in the pantry was almost overwhelming to say the least. Box after box, and can after can of vegetables and different cereals were stacked up on shelves that were at least eight feet up. Tons of soap and different toiletries were stacked tightly together. The amount of donations we had to sort through was mind blowing; so much so that it took us 30 minutes just to sort all of it, and then another 20 minutes to put it on the shelves.

This Saturday, there was only me, Ashley, a really nice girl named Lizzie and our youth leader Brian Bennett who went to help. Most of the people who usually come were at some kind of sports event, which isn’t a bad thing, we just had to work extra hard.

The food level was surprisingly low, which the owners said was normal for this time of year. The number of people who showed up, however, didn’t change. With only the four of us, we had to work overtime. The people were extremely grateful and thanked us about five times for helping them. This experience was very humbling and showed me how much I really have.

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