Puffin’ the powder while the Wolves are huffin’

Every year during Homecoming week, the upperclassmen boys sign up to get a little taste of what the FHC Sensations do. The boys dress up in wigs and sequined uniforms and show off their moves that the junior girls of the Sensations made up for them.

Senior powderpuff dancers, Connor Hamby and Johnni McGoon explain why they joined powderpuff.

“I signed up for powderpuff because I love to move my hips and it’s stress relieving after a long day,” Hamby said.

McGoon had signed up because he is not in a fall sport.

“I also saw the powderpuff dancers perform last year and thought it would be something I would like to be in,” McGoon said.

Hamby enjoyed being instructed by the junior Sensations.

“I feel very disciplined yet enlightened about the girls teaching us. I feel I can absorb their dancing philosophies and channel it for my own pursuit to the dancing arts,” Hamby said.

McGoon thought it was a lot of fun working with the junior Sensations.

“I’m friends with all the juniors and they did a good job teaching us the routine. They weren’t scared to step up and teach the seniors,” said McGoon.

Riley Brown was just one of the girls who helped make up the routine for the powderpuff boys. After the boys’ performance at Thursday’s powderpuff game, Brown had expressed her thoughts on the performance.

“It was really good. That was the best time they’ve ever done it. They worked really hard and it paid off,” Brown said.

All of the Sensations will be performing a routine of their own at this year’s pep assembly and Homecoming game.

“We’re doing a hip-hop routine and it’s really fun. It has a lot of popular songs so I think that will get the crowd pumped,” Brown said.

The dancers and cheerleaders also perform a pre-game routine together.

“We didn’t do the pre-game routine last year but we did it freshman year and it was a lot of fun. It brings the dancers and cheerleaders closer together,” said Brown.

The powderpuff boys already performed their hard work at the powderpuff game on Thursday. The Sensations will perform both of their routines at the Homecoming game against the Timberland Wolves. Both of these groups will be performing at the pep assembly.