Draw My Life

My favorite website ever has got to be YouTube; it has videos of practically everything imaginable (one time I found myself watching goats jumping on a trampoline, which then leads to moments of “how did I end up here?”). But I think some of the most entertaining videos on YouTube are the video blogs, or Vlogs for short.

When it comes to video blogging, you really get to know the person you’re watching. They tell stories of funny things; they recount experiences they’ve been through; sometimes these Vlogs are serious or informative or a ‘just because’ video. Some of my favorites are: charlieissocoollike, DailyGrace, Vlogbrothers, swoozie, Troye Sivan, Danisnotonfire, Joey Graceffa, amazingphil, PAINT, Tyler Oakley, and zoella. These are only a few of the channels I watch, but I like these video blogs because I feel like I know the person after a while, because they are relatable, yet they all have their own style.

For example, most of the videos on swoozie’s channel are animated stories of comically voiced stick figures. The series ‘the diaries of an ex-Disney employee’ had me laughing the whole time. The Vlogbrothers are always telling me interesting things I never would have known otherwise. And the classic ending to every Troye Sivan video never gets old.

But, if you’re searching for a new YouTuber to watch because you’ve seen every single video of your current favorite at least three times, the one thing most Vloggers incorporate somewhere on their channel is a ‘Draw my Life’ video. Originally starting out as a meme, the first draw my life video was uploaded by the popular YouTuber Sam Pepper. In under 20 minutes, the goal is to describe your life and significant events that are important to you.

Anyway, I like to watch the draw my life videos before anything else, because they let you know who that person is. They can get pretty serious sometimes, but understanding what that person has been through makes them more personable. Video bloggers really put a lot into what they do, and they really enjoy doing it. These draw my life videos are whatever you want to make them into. It’s an idea that is tailored to fit your story and offers a unique way to tell it.

When the draw my life ends, it is a snapshot of where that person is at that moment. Some are inspirational, some are funny or sad. Most leave you hanging on a note of happiness and exciting aspirations. They make you realize that if you set your mind on something, rejection, negativity and judgement won’t hold you back because they’ve found support in us, and we’ve found support in them.