St. Louis Ram’s Game of the Week

On Oct. 4, the football team played the Timberland Wolves in their Homecoming game. They were also the St. Louis Rams’ High School Game of the Week.

The game got about 180,000 votes, winning with 60 percent of the votes, according to Mr. Derek Sanderson, a member of the fan development for the St. Louis Rams.

Activities Director Mr. Scott Harris was very impressed with the amount of school pride that the students showed.

“So many people took the time to pass this information along and to vote themselves,” said Mr. Harris.

Along with being televised, there were more rewards involved in winning the poll. FHC received $2000 for winning the game, which will be put in the Athletics General Fund, but the majority of the money will benefit the football program, according to Mr. Harris.

“This is the third time in my four years that we have been up for this and the first time we have won,” said Mr. Harris. “It was another great opportunity for Howell Central to show our amazing school pride.”