Sensations face injuries

The Sensations are currently practicing with two injured teammates as of Oct. 25. Last month, senior Jennifer Wesley was practicing a hip-hop routine when she rolled her ankle and fell.

“It was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. I was praying it wasn’t broken. I went to Urgent Care and the regular doctor, and they took some X-rays. They both said it was a sprain, and I believed them,” said Wesley.

After one month, Wesley’s ankle was not getting better.

“I went to the orthopedic doctor, and I had to get a CT scan. The doctor said it looked like a piece of the bone is completely broken off,” said Wesley.

Wesley will most likely have to get surgery.

“I’m scared to get surgery, because a lot of things could go wrong,” said Wesley.

Due to this injury, Wesley will not be able to perform with the Sensations at their first competition in December.

Senior Jessica Hyde also has an injury. She has been wearing a knee brace since her Senior Night. Hyde’s knee had been bothering her since the week before Senior Night, and dancing on it had pushed it over the edge.

Anna Rozanski [FHC’s athletic trainer] said my distribution of weight was pulling on my knee. She also noticed that my foot turns out when I stand,” said Hyde.

Hyde has not been dancing for two weeks now.

“Anna gave me exercises to help heal my knee. Bending it still hurts right now, but wearing a brace isn’t that bad,” said Hyde.

Hyde will dance again once her injury is healed enough to wear a lighter knee brace, while Wesley will not be able to dance for at least the rest of this semester.