A special opportunity

On Friday, sophomores were introduced to a selective program offered here at FHC. Every day, approximately 50 students attend FHC for only half a day and attend Lewis and Clark Career Center for the other half.

The Lewis and Clark Career center has 15 different programs that cost the district over $4 thousand for the students to attend there.

Guidance counselor Mr. Trevor Wolfe sees the program well worth the cost.

“It’s a great program for a certain part of our population,” Mr. Wolfe said. “90 percent of our students will go straight to college. The other 10 percent of the population will enter the work force, tech school, military, so it meets a great need, and it does a great job, and our kids love it.”

There are approximately 25 spots for the next year since there are one and two year programs. Students interested will complete an application, an OASIS test, which is a minimal skill test, grades and attendance. Then, they get a magic number which is used to compare the different applicants.

Sophomore Amina Janjua attended the program Friday and felt the presentation was a success.

“It gave a pretty broad overview, which I guess made sense, but I felt it was pretty beneficial,” Janjua said.

Janjua plans on applying for the Lewis and Clark career center because of her future plans and aspirations to become a doctor.

“I want to participate in the Health Program, because I want to be a doctor,” Janjua said. “I feel it would be helpful in college since I will have already been exposed to some of the material. I also think it would be fun, because the second half of the year we get to work in a hospital.”

All interested juniors and seniors need to turn in their applications to guidance by Dec. 6.