Embarrassment for charity

The origin and purpose of one of the biggest events of the year


Craig Eddy

Sam Eckhoff practices for his act. Him, along with his two partners, have been preparing long before they signed up.

For the fifth year, a group of boys from FHC come together along with Student Council to host an event to raise money. This event is called Mr. FHC, and it consists of a group of contestants trying to make a fool of themselves or show off their skill to win the title of the event itself. This may be telling jokes, playing music, or both. Each attempt is as random as can be. The event is a blast, especially for the event hosts.

Student Council member and sophomore Kierigan McEvoy explains why she wanted to be apart of this event in the first place.

“Last year I thought it was really fun watching all the [contestants] dance around and be goofy all to raise money for a charity that we do every year,” McEvoy said, “This year I’m the chair, so that means I’m in charge with one other person from student council to run it and just make sure everything goes smoothly.”

The job at hand is for not only the audience, but for the contestants as well. Coming from a contestant himself, Sam Eckhoff, senior, tried to explain the event in his own words.

“Pretty much a bunch of guys making a fool of themselves on stage which I’m a fan of, and to raise money [for a charity.]” Eckhoff said, “ I don’t know what charity we are raising for, but it’s still important.”

Every contestant has the same goal in mind, and that is to entertain the audience, whoever that may be. According to Mrs. Stacey Dennigmann, a teacher at the school and member of Student Council staff, there are some rules that need to be followed for said audience.

“We supervise the tryouts to make sure each contestant understands that it is a G-rated family rated show,” she explained, “give suggestions on how to make their acts more appropriate for everyone.”

While this fact may be a given, precautions must always be made to ensure an appropriate viewing.

Going back to when the event was created McEvoy adds thought on why she feels this event was created.

“I think [the event was] more about another chance for students to get involved,” she stated, “and do something fun in a different way that is fun for everyone.”

Mrs. Dennigmann explains her side on why Mr. FHC was created.

“It was one way of actually raising money for a charity in our area,” She felt, “It’s one of our final things we do for community service donating to charity as Student Council.”

The charity mentioned is one of many trying their best to save innocent animals from abandonment and even death.

“[The funds] are going to Five Acres Animal Shelter which is a no-kill animal shelter

right here in Saint Charles.” Dennigmann said.

With a charity in mind and interesting acts, this year’s Mr. FHC is sure to be interesting. Tickets will start being sold March 1st and will continue until March 9th, which is also the date of the event itself.