Top 5 things about the south

Everything from my favorite southern city to the relaxing nature of southern living, this list brings forth a new appreciation for the south.


Forsyth Park Savannah, GA. Forsyth Park is an extremely popular places for locals and tourist to relax, enjoy history, and stroll along the old oak trees.

Kierigan McEvoy, Staff reporter

No. 1: Cities – My favorite Southern city would have to be Savannah, GA for its old oak trees covered in Spanish moss and its traditional colonial buildings. It is one of the few cities that continue to preserve historical sites while keeping in touch with the modern world and way of life. Savannah is one of the oldest cities and is rivaled in my mind only by Charleston, SC, home to Rainbow Road and some of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War.

No. 2: Food – Pralines, peaches, fried chicken, and fresh seafood are some of the guilty pleasures of the South. It is known far and wide for its soul food cooking and BBQ stands on every corner. Seafood is locally caught, making it fresher and a necessity whenever one travels to the beach.

No. 3: History – History was made in the South, whether it be good or bad, and it has shaped our country. The underground railroad, Martin Luther King Jr., some of the first African American Schools, Civil War battles, slavery, Trail of Tears, and at least 15 U.S. presidents have all been brought forth from the South. Lessons on lessons have been taught by the history in the South and allowed for our country to advance forward.

No 4: Music – Southern music is another key to the South; however, most people immediately jump to country when thinking of Southern music. Country music is a huge part of the South with legends like Alabama, Kenny Rogers, and George Strait shaping the South. Many forget the South is also home to jazz and rhythm and blues music, the biggest city for these music genres being New Orleans, LA. Soul and gospel music are also widely known throughout the South.

No 5: Culture – Unlike the normal hustle and bustle of city and suburban life, Southern culture is immensely known for its laid back and relaxing atmosphere. The beach is a great example of this atmosphere. Other cultural aspects I have noticed are how friendly people are. If you’re standing in line at the grocery store in the South people, I have found, are more likely to start up a conversation with you than here in Missouri.