Top 5 club penguin mini games

My top 5 picks of Club Penguin mini games.


Club Penguin is a kid friendly online game. It was the hotspot of 2007.

Samantha Gnuse, Staff photographer

No. 1: “Card-Jitsu: Meeting your friends at the dojo to play this mini-game was a must have every time you logged in. Each player is given four cards with a number and an element. Water beats fire, fire beats snow, and snow beats water. If the same element is played, the highest number wins. Similar to a game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors”, you can choose to try to outsmart your opponent or win through chance. This mini-game’s concepts are more complex and it’s graphics are more interesting than other Club Penguin mini-games, putting it at the top of my list.

No. 2: “Bean Counters”:  My 8 year old self found this mini-game to be one of the more stressful ones. Your task is to catch the bags of beans and place them next to you. It becomes very stressful as the speed picks up. Your penguin can only carry so much. You’re also supposed to avoid the fish, Iron, and vases of flowers being thrown at you. Bean Counters is a fast paced game unlike most Club Penguin games; giving it the number 2 spot on my list.

No. 3: “Cart Surfer”: Cart Surfer is one of the original Club Penguin mini-games. It stuck around until the downfall of Club Penguin because it was just that good. The game is simple. You are in a minecart moving quickly through a tunnel. You can perform tricks while trying to stay in the cart. The more complicated the trick the more points earned. Your 8 year old self could never go wrong with a game of Cart Surfer.

No. 4: “Ice Fishing”: This classic mini-game was for the 8 year old that could appreciate a quiet day at the lake. Ice Fishing is not fast paced so it takes patience. If you harnessed the skill of patience and the ability to tell the difference between a fish and a shoe, you could really find yourself enjoying this game. Drop your worm in the water, avoid the jellyfish, crabs, and sharks, and catch some fish!

No. 5: “Pizzatron 3000”: The Pizza Parlor was a popular location to meet up with your friends. Pizzatron 3000 was located there and it was the go to mini-game for most penguins. This is where penguins could earn a living by making pizzas quickly. The job was easy. Read the order and apply the correct toppings. As the orders got faster, they got more complex. This game was for any penguin willing to work hard for a paycheck.