Troy Buchanan baseball battle

Our boys baseball team plays two games versus Troy with two very different outcomes.

With the season going at a good pace, FHC baseball team has been facing the ups and downs as the season goes on. They swept at Troy this last Tuesday, winning a staggering 9-0, and lost 8-11 to Troy at home on Wednesday.

Junior Allen Butterfield said that it felt great to beat Troy earlier in the week, but is disappointed in the loss. Nevertheless, he continues to keep doing his best.

“We were winning going into the last inning,” Butterfield said, “but there a lot of errors and walks that caused the loss.” While they were winning 5-1 before the last inning, the score began to change throughout that last inning.

Despite this loss, however, the FHC varsity team is ready to shake off this last game and take the win at the FZN game this on Saturday.

Senior Austin Wright does not stay discouraged, and it determined for this season to be great.

When asked about the team’s strategies for winning, Wright said, “hitting the ball, making the base; just the basics, really.” Staying to the basics of the game is the key to success for this team, and a solid focus to go back to during games and practices.

“We’re just going to forget about that last game, and just get back out there and do it,” Wright said. Butterfield, Wright, and their teammates are not going to dwell on the small errors that occured in the Thursday game against Troy. They’re ready to keep doing their best and bringing their all the the field.