Sensations get competitive

The Sensations talk about Family and Friends Night and express their joy for their first competition of the year.

On Wednesday, the Varsity and JV Sensations had their annual Family and Friends Night. This is the night where the team can show off their competition routines in front of their loved ones.


Senior captain Stephanie Henry and sophomore Megan Butts agree that the event went well.


“We were a little scared at first because it was our first time performing our competition routines. My teacher, Mrs. Palmer, said the performances were wonderful to watch and she was surprised by how well it looked,” Butts said.


Palmer wasn’t the only one impressed with the performances.


“Both dances looked really good and everyone seemed to like them,” Henry said.


The Sensations have been gearing up for competition season by practicing four days a week.


“We run through each second of the dance to make sure everyone matches, we run through the dances over and over,” Henry said.


Both Henry and Butts are excited to compete at their first competition of the year: the Yvonne Cole Lindbergh Invitational. The competition will be held this Saturday.


“It will be my first competition with Varsity, and I’m looking forward to it. It should go really well,” Butts said.


Henry, on the other hand, has competed on the Varsity level since her freshman year.


“Usually, I’m more nervous, but this year, I’m just really excited to [compete]. I just feel more confident with the dances this year. This is a really good team, and I feel like we’re ready,” Henry said.


The Sensations will perform a hip-hop routine and a jazz routine at the Lindbergh competition.

When asked which routine they like to perform more, Butts said she likes performing both routines.


“Hip-hop puts me in a super good mood and gets me pumped up. Jazz lets me come out of my shell,” Butts said.


Henry said she likes to perform the hip-hop routine more.


“Everyone loves hip-hop, and it gets the crowd more pumped. It has a lot of high energy,” Henry said.


The Sensations are bringing along some close friends and family to their first competition of the year.


“My mom and dad are coming, and they support me with everything, so it’s always great to have them out there watching [the Sensations],” Butts said.


Henry is bringing along her family and a few friends for Saturday’s competition.


“We try to get a big fan section to get pumped up,” Henry said.


This is just the beginning of competition season for the team. Good luck, Sensations!