H1N1: (over?)reaction

Everyone knows about H1N1. It’s more commonly referred to as Swine Flu, but this virus is on the mind’s of everyone this fall. The Francis Howell School District has taken some major steps to avoiding the flu. Precautionary tales of this new flu strain are popping up everywhere. On the district website one can now find links to H1N1 information and an article, “10 Things You Can Do To Prevent Flu.”

School nurses Angie Cherver and Christy Gerling both agree that the district is taking the necessary precautions to avert swine flu becoming a problem.

“The school is doing what needs to be done to educate staff and students about H1N1,” said Mrs. Cherver. “If they don’t recognize the symptoms, then it would be a problem.”

The nurses have not had any problems with Swine Flu as of yet.

“I have not seen any fevers yet,” said Mrs. Gerling. “There have been more cold symptoms and sore throats.”

The school is currently doing numerous things to advocate good health and to prevent the flu.

“Wash your hands and cover your mouth when you cough,” said Mrs. Gerling. “If you have had a fever, you need to be fever free for 24 hours until you can come back to school. Practice good hygiene as well.”

This policy has been implemented for many years now, prior to the swine flu outbreak.

Senior Molly O’Connor believes that the school has been over the top in its latest endeavors in preparing for swine flu.

“I think they are overreacting about the severity of the problem,” said O’Connor. “The information is everywhere. I feel like it’s being shoved down our throats. I’m glad they are taking some action, but they need to back off a bit.”

With the heart of flu season swiftly approaching, the school district will soon discover whether their reiterative preventative steps will stop the flu or just become a nuisance to the student body.