New bell hopes to decrease tardies

When students and teachers returned to school on Monday, an unfamiliar ringing filled their ears in between classes. A resounding theory about the noise was heard throughout the school: the intercom in the office had been left on, and the phone was ringing.

As the day went on teachers and students became confused because this accident continued to happen. Around third hour the teachers received an email and told their students the sound was a new one-minute warning bell for passing periods.

“Compared to other schools, our tardies in the past few years were a lot higher,” said Mr. Ed Nelson, dean of students.

These reports led to the idea to try a warning bell, similar to the one that Francis Howell North and Francis Howell High use.

Students and teachers have given good feedback about the bell, including senior Michelle Howard.

“I kinda like [the bell] because it lets me know I have a minute to get to class and I can stand at my locker longer,” said Howard. “But right now I don’t like how the bells keep changing.”

On Tuesday, the bell changed in between every period as the office experimented with different tones. When asked if they had picked one to use, Mr. Nelson said they had not.

“Not yet, but we definitely didn’t like the siren one,” Mr. Nelson said.