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Makenzie Solis

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Injury Timeout
February 1, 2024

Students get settled in while waiting for the HOSA meeting to begin.

HOSA; Health Occupations Students of America. A club that started as a requirement, now turned into a place where students can excel and have fun. 

Many students join this club because they want to pursue a career in the STEM field, or their friends made them do it, which was the case with senior Trevor Nichols. In being pushed into joining the club in his last year, he’s learned a lot about helping others, whether it be community service or stopping a bleed. 

“If someone started bleeding or got hurt really bad, then I probably know what to do.” Nichols said,”I learned a lot of new stuff like how to suture like the stitches.” 

The club has recently started doing activities for the year. Recently, two Audiologists visited the club and taught them about their field. Audiology is the medical field designated to help people with hearing loss.  Nichols recounts the event.

“It was very interesting because they talked about this field called EEG,” Nichols said,” Which is this kind of this niche field where they help…people with hearing loss.” 

HOSA isn’t just about learning how to deal with certain medical emergencies; they also compete at state competitions as well as national competitions. Every year they have at least one person place 2nd through 5th. Last year, Platinum Liang got first place in one of its categories. Each year there is a different theme in different categories. Senior Zain Bari reminisces about these competitions. 

Students listen to Mrs. Rowe as she starts the HOSA meeting (Caitlyn Sanders)

“My favorite thing is that we compete once a year at a state competition,” Bari said. ”So that’s always been fun because I like doing medical-based things.”

HOSA continues to prepare for its competitions by having meetings, with the next competition being at the end of march.