Setting the Pace

The Cross Country Team makes state for the second year in a row, wrapping up this year’s season.


Ezra Bailey, is running to the finish line.

Another historic year is in the books for the girl’s cross country team. After making state for the second year in a row, with the team placing 11th and Reese McDevitt placing 10th, these girls deserve all the recognition they can get. They have done nothing but fight and pour their blood, sweat, and tears into this sport and it has paid off for them in the long run. 

Cross country is often a misunderstood sport. While running is seemingly a simple and independent task, that is far from the truth. Cross country is not just physically taxing, but mentally as well. Athletes have nothing but dedication and drive for the three mile course they run each meet. Senior Laney Parmeley, state competitor, describes the challenges she faces with this intense and grueling sport.

Rudebeck and Watkins race against the clock. (Bryce Cash)

“It’s very, very challenging. You get on that race and it’s just you in your head for three miles. When you’re out there running, you don’t have teammates, there’s no timeouts. You just have to finish that race,” Parmeley said.

These girls have overcome so many obstacles this season. Cross Country may be on the smaller side of FHC athletics, but what they lack in numbers they make up for in passion and drive. Junior Avah Breuer, who joined her team at state this year had to overcome many challenges to bring her team to success this year.

“ I’ve been running times I haven’t really wanted to run and so when I finally ran my shorter times it felt good. Or like it was fun because I was able to run quicker times. I just had to push through, you know?” Breuer said.

Ava Breuer fights hard to pass her opponents. (Bryce Cash )

After making state last year, the team had a lot to live up to. November 4, these teams left school early to compete in the state meet once again. The trip down was full of bonding and excitement for the competition to come. Throughout the revelry though, these girls were on a mission. They came in with a plan and one goal in mind.

“Run Fast. Fast. Our goal was to place 10th as a team and we did place 10th in the end. That was our strategy: to run fast and to beat other people,” Breuer said.

This tiny but mighty team has become more than just an athletics program, through both their accomplishments and struggles, cross country has become a family. Their bond is stronger as they’ve supported each other throughout their season. They placed 10th overall at state, the start of a victorious streak they predict will continue in the next few years.