Students receive word of EOC results

In the past few days, students who took an End of Course Exam last year have been getting their test results in the mail. Though individual results vary, as a whole, FHC looks to have excelled.

“I’m very proud of Central’s students,” said Dr. Sonny Arnel. “We are number two in the area in communication arts, and well above everyone else in math.”

From the results, it is clear students reached the standards set by the No Child Left Behind Act. The state set a goal for the district, requiring 67.4 percent of students score advanced or proficient in communication arts and 54.1 percent do the same on the math exam. Excelling past these expectations, Central achieved 84.3 percent in communication arts in the proficient and advanced areas and 69 percent in math.

“Our main goal is that students are aware of their expected learning, because that’s the key,” said Dr. Arnel. “We want to offer students more options after high school, and monitoring EOC scores helps us to do that.”

In comparison to other schools in the area (Howell sister schools, the Fort Zumwalt District and Pattonville), FHC ranks number two in communication arts, right behind Howell, and a strong number one in math, according to Dr. Arnel.