Lebron is better off somewhere else

The number 23 has become synonymous with legend Michael Jordan, and now Lebron James, but the big difference between the two stars is Michael Jordan has actually won championships, six as a matter of fact, and had the talent around him such as Scottie Pippen in order to do so. Lebron on the otherhand, has an immense amount of talent as well, but the lack of support around him (Shaq is too old to make a real difference) hampers his career from really taking off, and finally winning a world championship.

Lebron is surrounded by many talented players: Shaquille O’Neal, Mo Williams, Zydrunas Ilgauskas and many others, but all of them are either too old to feasibly give the Cavs a shot at the title or too young to make a real impact as of yet. This leaves Lebron the team’s only real option for scoring, rebounding and assisting (he leads the team in all three). This is not how a team wins a title. A team needs multiple players that know when to step up and have enough talent to win. The Cavaliers only have Lebron, and therefore, have no chance of winning a title until the management either gets more talent to support him or trades Lebron away to start over fresh.

The summer of 2010 is in the not so distant future. Lebron will be a free agent following the season and the management of the Cavaliers have some tough decisions to make. They can either convince him to stay, and bring in other talent from around the league, or see him traded away to teams that are open and willing to take him and have the talent around him that could make a championship feasible. It’s all up to Danny Ferry to make this happen.