Four earn honors at D.C. convention

On Nov. 12-15, the newspaper staff had arguably its largest event. Ten students went to Washington D.C. for the National Convention. All the skills learned by the students throughout their journalism courses were tested and ultimately helped their writing after attending this convention.

The convention consisted of competitions, but almost everyone else was in different educational sessions, meaning there was a lot of writing, photos, design, advertising, and graphics. Another thing that students participated in were write-offs that were essentially timed writings. These were judged and then given awards to the students with the best writings. It helped the students improve and get constructive criticism from judges. Seniors Hannah Ibos, Kayla Mugler and Bryan McCreary and junior Cory Schmitt each earned honorable mention certificates for their efforts.

One of the students who is in newspaper thought the trip was extremely beneficial.

“I went to the St. Louis one last time and it was lots of fun. I think I’ll get a lot more out of this one in three days though because we’re traveling to D.C.” said McCreary.