Surgery sidelines Dr. Arnel

Principal Sonny Arnel will be absent from Dec. 9 until Jan. 20. He will be undergoing stomach surgery and the recovery time is six weeks.

The procedure is supposed to be simple.

“Sure any surgery is simple as long as it is happening to someone else!” said Dr. Arnel.

Dr. Arnel has never been away from the school this long, while it is in session.

“I don’t care for [the time out]. FHC is an awesome school, and I’ve had it worked out so that most of it happens during break,” Dr. Arnel said.

Mrs. Diana Allen, who will be interim principal while Dr. Arnel is gone, isn’t worried.

“I think it’ll be business as usual,” said Mrs. Allen.

The disease being treated by the surgery is a stomach condition called diverticulitis.

Everyone grows small polyps in their stomach, but with this disease, they get worse as time goes on and can become infected.

“It’s known as a western disease because it’s caused by all the processed food we eat. It beats up your colon over the years,” said Dr. Arnel.