Soda prices increase unexpectedly

Prices in the Pepsi vending machines unexpectedly raised 25 cents Thursday to $1.25 a bottle, following a decision from Pepsi Co. The price change came with no warning from the company to administrators.

“We were never told,” said Dean of Students Lucas Lammers. “On Monday or Tuesday, a student came up to Mr. Stofer telling him that he didn’t have enough money because the price was $1.25 now; that is how we found out.”

The increase in price comes along with prices for bottle increasing at retail stores in the area as well.

“You have to pay around $1.50 at grocery stores now, so we had an idea it was coming eventually, but it would have been nice to have been warned first,” said Lammers.

Students are confused as to the reasoning of the increase.

“I don’t understand why they would raise the prices because of the state of the economy, but because students drink so much soda, it won’t make a big difference on their purchases,” said senior Kayla Hecht.

Prices were raised on both student vending machines and those in the teacher’s lounge.

“I feel like paying a dollar for a soda is already enough, and raising it further is just ridiculous,” said english teacher Laurie Fay.

The effects the price increase has on sales during school hours, however, is yet to be seen.