Senioritis poisons upperclassmen

I consider myself to be a relatively determined person. I’ve worked hard for three-and-a-half years to get good grades in high school.

However, senioritis is a disease that affects even the most dedicated student. It manifests itself through any degree of a lack of motivation. While I didn’t assume that I would be completely immune, the struggle is harder than I had hoped it would be.

Upon choosing to attend Oklahoma Baptist University next year as an English major, I lost an unhealthy amount of interest in my last semester at FHC. I can see the finish line, and while I’m told it’s close, it still seems too far.

More importantly, I can picture the future. Now it’s easy to imagine myself in a dorm room in my building, studying, reading, hanging out. I feel like my last semester is just mocking me. Why should I even try?

Here’s the thing: I will try. I will do my best, because that’s who I am. At times like this, it can seem like a curse, but it’s more appealing than the alternative.

My cure for senioritis is leadership; I still want our successors to care. I want them to enjoy high school more than I did, so I will throw all of myself into my last four months (or at least three — nobody’s perfect).