Snow days cause lackluster start to spirit week

Following two unexpected snow days, the first day of the 2010 winter wonderland spirit week was Ugly Sweater Day on Wednesday Feb. 10.

However, participation in the spirit day was low. With only a few dozen students participating. Students claim the snow days prevented them from getting into spirit.

“I forgot that it was Ugly Sweater Day because we had just come back from two snow days,” said junior Terry Schneider. “I would have worn an ugly sweater if I would have remembered.”

Student Council President Shawn Moore felt reasons for the spirit day failing were also due to the snow days and the lack of publicity. Moore also noted the lack of involvment.

“I do not know anyone personally that participated in the day,” said Moore.

On a related note, the Winter dance that was scheduled for Saturday night was cancelled Friday afternoon due to a lack of ticket sales.