Blue and silver day completes lethargic week

Participation was sparse. Blue and silver day was the final day of the winter spirit week; students are supposed to wear clothes promoting the school and its various clubs, organizations and sports. There were no more than three participants in many classes.

Two of the five spirit days were canceled due to the school closing.

“With snow days, people didn’t know about spirit week. If there were announcements, I think more people would have participated,” said freshman Chris Crank.

Crank wore the class of 2013’s shirt which contains a Spartan head and the graduating year. He wore that shirt over his soccer camp shirt because it directly reflected the school. Crank made an effort to participate on all the spirit days.

“I wore green on Wednesday, thinking it was stoplight day,” said Crank. “Then I wore green again on Thursday.”
Spirit Week was organized by student council to take place directly before winter homecoming.