Childhood memories make impact

So I have been getting onto the To Write Love On Her Arm’s website lately, and I re-stumbled upon the fancorps street team. (Which if you do not know what the street team is, it is basically a support group for the depressed, suicidal, self-injuring people of the world). I had been a member of the street team back in middle school and had slowly grown out of getting on the site everyday.

After I got back onto the team, I reconnected with some of my old buddies and met some new people. These people had some really messed up, scary, sad stories, that kind of punched a hole right through my heart.

One of the guys I met told me about his mom and dad leaving him when he was still a newborn; while some may think that a couple not keeping their child is normal… this was far from okay or just. He certainly was not handed a fairytale ending. He was not left on the door steps of some kind family’s home; he was not taken to an adoption agency to be given to someone that wanted him; he was simply just left to die (just reminding you of the fact that he was just a newborn). Luckily for him, someone eventually found him. After he was found, he was treated just the same as his parents may have treated him, had they kept him. He was neglected, he was alone, and worst of all, he was unloved. But somehow, through all of this, he came out of everything a happy, loving guy. How this could of happened, I have no clue…but it certainly put a kind of burden on my heart.

I have been given everything; everything he deserved to have. And in some twisted way, everyone like me, has come out of life unhappy and selfish. If we were just a little bit more thankful, and a little less greedy, we as a whole could be pretty darn happy.