Seniors must act now

There are exactly three months left until graduation. 90 days.

What am I going to do with them?

Seniors are here to lead, and we have three months left to establish our legacy. We can make a difference, or we can complacently stumble through the end of our high school careers. We need to prepare the juniors to lead next year. And in three years, the freshmen will be in our position. They will be seniors. We need to show them what it means to live life.

We have worked for four years to create something: a reputation, a story, an influence. When we cross the stage at graduation, that’s it. All chances are behind us to make something of ourselves here. Our high school memories could be filled with regret, and we could spend the rest of our lives trying to make up for it, or they could be the start of a rewarding, though not always easy, journey.

We have a very limited time left, but it’s not too late until June 5. Now is our time.

This is the part in the romantic movie when the girl turns, strolling off screen, and the audience is commanding the guy to run after her. It’s his last chance. This is the part in the horror movie when the killer is on the other side of the door, but the victim is about to turn the handle, and the audience is screaming “Don’t do it! Don’t make this terrible mistake!”

This is the climax–now is our chance. Now is our time.