Conferences met with varying attitudes

Parent-teacher conferences were held Wednesday, March 24 and Thursday, March 25. Parents filed into the school to follow their children’s schedules and talk to all of their teachers about their performance in school.

Some teachers, like Foreign Language teacher Dr. Jennifer Miller, have fun during their conferences. Dr. Miller had the kids teach their parents a phrase in Spanish, then had the parents repeat that phrase during the conference. For every Spanish phrase the parents spoke, their child got extra credit.

For Mr. John Miller, this semester’s conferences had a record amount of parents show up. He says he usually gets about three to four sets of parents in the classroom.

“I had 17 parents in my room one hour. I have never had that many since I started working here,” said Mr. Miller.

However, with many parents still not attending, it leaves some students wondering why the school even has them.

“My parents haven’t gone to parent-teacher conferences since I have been in fifth grade,” said senior Keisha Horton. “I don’t even know why they still try to have them.”

Parent-teacher conferences have sprouted some critical thinking within the student body. Some kids have thought up some suggestions on how to change conferences to make them better.

“They should just make it one day instead of two,” said junior Cara Huelskamp, “or just get rid of them all together.”