College is conduit for change

“This is the home stretch,” seniors are saying now. We will be at college in five months. It’s hard to imagine what will change.

College is a leap into the unknown. I will know three people when I begin my journey at Oklahoma Baptist University.

“It will be the loneliest time of your life,” said my Contemporary Issues teacher, Mr. Tom Whelan.

In response to this, I am simply pouring into my relationships as much as I can. I want to leave with strong ties here; it will always be home. I plan to make this summer count. Of course, I want to be completely open to new relationships, as well.

The beauty of going away to school is the chance for a new start. Theoretically, I can be whoever I want to be next year. Who would know the difference? I probably couldn’t pretend to be an all-star basketball player, I don’t think I could feign having an artist’s hand, and no one would believe me as a preppy cheerleader. But what if I was a little more outspoken, a little less timid? I could be less sarcastic if I wanted, though not easily.

What if I let nothing hold me back? My mindset would be something entirely different. Next year could be my chance.