Students react to passed health care bill

On Sunday, March 21, history was made when health care reform was passed in the House of Representatives.

Many students at Francis Howell Central celebrate this bill and all it means for them.

“This is something this country has neeeded for too long,” said senior Emily Vivio. “It’s going to help so many people have a better life and is well worth the cost.”

But not everyone is fully on board with the new health care plan.

“Since when was it in the job description of a senator or representative to have to decide on the well-being of every citizen?” said junior Maxwell Mulholland. “Why do they need a 2,700 page document to describe the health care system when their jobs can be described in two pages?”

People also cite other evidence as grounds for opposing this bill.

“Everyone including the current generation’s grandchildren are going to be paying for this through their taxes, and the country will lose even more money,” said sophomore Elliot Russo.