Butler underdogs sway Duke fanatic

The Duke Blue Devils have been my favorite college basketball team since I was ten years old. Years of following the team, seeing them fall late or sometimes early in the tournament and watching North Carolina win championships caused much pain and anger.

However, on Monday night that all changed, when the Blue Devils brought home the title and years of religious following finally seemed to pay off.

But, as happy as I was that Duke had won, and believe me, I was joyous, part of me was hoping that Butler could have pulled it off. Part of me wished that that hail mary would have fallen at the buzzer.

Perhaps that night was not for the powerhouse schools like Duke, perhaps it was the time for the small schools that never get that shot at glory, maybe it was their turn to shine.
So, as happy as I was for Duke’s victory, my desire to see the underdog prevail took over my desire for my childhood favorite to win.

Schools like Duke have the opportunity to win the big dance every year, but those mid-majors like Butler rarely get the opportunity to even get this far, and that is something that should be celebrated.