Students experience hunger firsthand this Saturday

This Saturday at 6:30 a.m., the Driven Student Ministry from First Baptist Church of O’Fallon is hosting an event called 30 Hour Famine, in which high school students will stop eating for the 30 hours.

“World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine is a worldwide movement of students who are serious about serving God and fighting hunger – all on an empty stomach,” said Mr. Sam Tunnell on the Ministry’s website. “For 30 hours, participants get a taste of hunger by not eating – something more than a billion people around the world experience every day.”

All donations and money raised will be split between two organizations this year. Fifty percent of the money raised will go to Compassion (an organization that sponsors poverty stricken children around the world) and five of the kids that First Baptist Church of O’Fallon sponsors. The other 50 percent of the money raised will go directly to World Vision, the company that puts on 30 Hour Famine.

“Besides building up an appetite, students will be learning about the worldwide problem of hunger through various activities,” said Mr. Tunnell. “We will also be participating in community service projects, building cardboard box communities to sleep in, playing crazy games, worshiping, and building something to go on display Sunday morning to represent how many children die every day due to hunger or hunger related diseases.”

The community service projects can act as service hours for National Honors Society (NHS) seniors who are looking to complete the required amount of hours for graduation chords or stolls.

For anyone who still wants to sign up for 30 Hour Famine, visit Mr. Tunnel’s blog (30 Hour Famine). A side dish is asked from each family who participates for the meal on Sunday where students break the fast and eat for the first time.