Rallying for Team USA

Students at FHC follow the Winter Olympics with high hopes for Team USA.

As Team USA continues to make their run in Sochi, currently leading with 23 medals, many fans at FHC are rallying for the various events. Some are inspired by athletes in their sport, while others are motivated by the many young people competing for their country.

 Sophomore Kristy Eslinger, who has skated since she was only 4 years old, really enjoys watching the many sports in the Olympics, not just her sport.

“The Winter Olympics are awesome, not only the figure skating, but I also like the snow boarding, the luge and all the rest,” said Eslinger. “I also really like the opening ceremony because of all the artistic aspects of it. I thought it was really creative even though it had little flaws.”

Senior Jack Webb, a recreational snowboarder, believes that what makes the Olympics so special is the enormous level of talent that athletes are able to showcase to the world.

“I like watching the best of the world compete. Seeing that high level of talent is just inspiring. It’s really cool,” said Webb.

The bulk of talent is what motivates athletes like Eslinger and Webb to compete harder in their respective sports.

“I snowboard when I can get out there,” Webb said. “The Olympics definitely gets me motivated to get out there.”

For Eslinger, figure skaters like Gracie Gold so close to home provides extra incentives to work harder.

“It is kind of like if she [Gracie Gold] can do it, then I can do it,” Eslinger said. “If you work as hard as she does, then you can be there. She opens up doors, because she shows that it is possible for someone this close to home to make it to something so competitive like the Olympic Games.”

As for how Team USA is fending up so far, students, like Senior Scott Halbert, are pleasantly surprised.

“The Summer Olympics are where the U.S. really shines, but the U.S. is actually staying competitive in the medal count this year,” Halbert said.

Eslinger agrees and feels optimistic about USA’s chances in the ladies’ figure skating after last night.

“Gracie Gold had a good night last night,” Eslinger said. “I definitely believe she can pull out a medal.”

One new addition to the Olympics this year was the USA team event. To skaters like Eslinger, the addition has been met with opposition.

“I am not a fan of the team event because I am a synchronized skater and that is team skating,” Eslinger said. “The team event should not be an event in the Olympics. It wears out the athletes before they have to compete. They shouldn’t have to worry about competing before their individual events.”

Halbert also has some oppositions to the Olympics.

“I wish they still didn’t allow professionals to compete,” Halbert said. “That’s what used to make the Olympics so special.”