Athletes remain focused

When a game is ongoing, the athlete’s mind is supposed to be completely engaged in the game on the field, not the chants of the crowd and the other numerous distractions that try to divert the athlete’s attention. While distractions are part of human nature, most athletes have some sort of method or tactic to keep the outside influences out and keep the game at the front of their minds.

For junior baseball player Jimmy McGrath, his way of keeping the crowd out of his mind is simple but effective.

“You focus on what needs to be done to win the game and ignore everything else,” said McGrath, a pitcher.

By following this mindset, McGrath places all other possible distractions to the back of his mind. While other athletes rely on their teammates to keep themselves focused during gametime, like junior hockey player Kyle Novak.

“I communicate with my teammates during the game to keep from being distracted,” said Novak.

Although Novak admits that it is difficult to remain focused at times, especially when playing against a team that does not have the same talent as his own.

“I get easily distracted when we’re playing a bad team and we have to play down to their level,” said Novak.

Junior soccer player Daniel Rozycki also expels outside influences by keeping his mind on the field and in the game, but according to Rozycki, it becomes hard when the team is down.

“I can ignore the crowd and other players most of the time, but when [we] are losing, or I’m frustrated, the crowd can get to me,” said Rozycki.

For junior soccer player Mike Caldwell, the distractions are few and far between.

“When you are on the field, you should be paying attention to the game itself and you should be too busy to think about whats going on in the crowd or off the field,” said Caldwell.

While it can be challenging at times, all athletes have their own methods to tune out everything else and keep focused on the ultimate goal: winning the game for their team.