Enrollment intends to alter loyalty prematurely

I am officially a Bison now. At least, that’s what they told me last Saturday at Oklahoma Baptist University, and that’s what I tweeted later that day. However, back in Cottleville, I can’t say I feel much like a Bison (the school’s mascot). I still feel a bit more like a Spartan.

Because I enrolled and received my rooming assignment, they celebrated my entry into college. And while I am excited for August, I am currently more thrilled for June. I can’t really be a Bison until the completion of my journey as a Spartan.

So here I am, in the middle. I am awkwardly committed to both high school and college. AP tests are the primary example of this. I have spent this past year working hard so I can do well enough to earn those three college credit hours that come from a good AP score. It seems weird to me that a whole year of high school is chiefly focused on college, although it is important to carefully plan our next steps.

I am overwhelmingly excited about next year, but right now, I’m going to relish the last moments of this year. I’m a Spartan, and I’m proud.