Expectations ignite passion

Over the course of this weekend, I had the opportunity to visit my near future. I met the woman in charge of the tutoring service for which I will be working next year.

At first, I was hesitant towards the idea of being a tutor, wondering whether or not I could pull it off. Then I heard the stories. Stories of orphaned children, unloved children, unmotivated children.

“They all have a story,” said Jan Frichot, owner of the tutoring business. Her compassion captivated me. I had the privilege of touring her boathouse-style, 105-year-old house, every square inch of which is adorned with elegance and rich character. Every room has a story, just like every student has a story. I sat in the cushioned chair, which will be mine to utilize as I help struggling students through their homework, in the classroom, complete with chalkboards and dictionaries.

I imagined myself teaching these kids, and I loved it. I am absolutely enchanted with the idea. This is just a temporary employment, but I am so thankful that I can be excited about it. I have the same feelings about writing and editing, which I am planning to do later down the road.

I hope you have the same passionate feelings about what you are pursuing or what you are already doing. If not, what is the point? It doesn’t even matter how well you do your job if you don’t care.

As the classes of 2010 graduate, students are leaving high school behind and focusing solely on the future. I can see a glimpse of my future, and I can’t wait.