Documentary of sex trafficking in the US

“Sex+Money” is an upcoming documentary that helps raise awareness to America’s severe sex trafficking problem. Five journalists have come together to report the social injustice of sex trafficking in the United States. They pile in a small RV and travel from state to state. These journalists follow victims of sex trafficking and interview politicians who are working to stop this global problem. Along with these interviews, the journalists journey into massage parlors where girls and women alike are being sold. They have all risked their lives to tell the story of these victims and let the American people know what is going on in our own back yard.

These young journalists have set out to convey to the public serious cases of social injustice. They are courageously leading the next generation of journalists in the upcoming crimes of the 21st century. This documentary is a fabulous video that is well-researched and shows literally every single angle. They thoroughly inform anyone and everyone on what is going on, where these girls are coming from and why people are doing it. Not only does “Sex+Money” show a viewer who has no idea what is going on what is happening in the world, but it also expands the knowledge of other activists who have researched sex trafficking.

Here is the trailer for this video which will be coming out sometime this spring!