Senior earns STEM recognition

Shashank Nedungadi is honored for his ongoing achievements in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math.

Every year, STEM recognizes a single student from each area high school to honor for his or her accomplishments in science, technology, engineering and math. Senior Shashank Nedungadi was the student chosen from FHC to receive the honor this year. Nedungadi, along with 17 other local high school students, will be recognized for these achievements at the annual STEM Recognition Breakfast. The honorary breakfast is set to take place this Friday, March 7 at Old Hickory Golf Club.

“Really, I am honored that I was chosen for this award,” said Nedungadi. “I feel I am being recognized for not only my work ethic but also my character in the classroom.”

Interested students do not submit any type of application in order to be considered for recognition. Instead, teachers recommend students who they believe should receive the award. Although there is no specific criteria that must be met in order to qualify for the honor, teachers are asked nominate students who they believe demonstrate proficiency in the STEM content fields. Potential recognition is based on how well recommended students exhibit skills within these specified areas.

According to Nedungadi, going the extra mile in his science, engineering and math classes has contributed to him receiving this honor. He believes that his interest in the STEM focus areas will continue to benefit him in the long run.

“I feel that this award recognizes my hard work and focus put into these areas, as well as my interest in STEM in  my future career,” Nedungadi said.

Nedungadi plans on pursuing a career in aerospace engineering. Because studying to become an aerospace engineer requires extensive amounts of knowledge in the areas of science and mathematics, Nedungadi believes prolonged exposure to these subjects in high school has prepared him for his future plans. He believes the skills in STEM will ultimately help him succeed in his prospective career.